A Day in the Life at a Chelmsford Doggy Day Care: What Does Your Dog Do All Day?

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Ever wondered what your dog does when you drop them off at a Chelmsford doggy day care? At Wagtails Doggy Day Care, we ensure every day is filled with fun, care, and education. Here’s a look into how your dog spends their day with us.


Morning Arrivals and Welcomes

The day starts with a cheery welcome at Wagtails, where each dog is individually greeted by our caring staff. This initial settling-in phase helps your pet adjust to the day ahead, feeling secure and comfortable in the friendly atmosphere of our Chelmsford doggy day care.


Mid-Morning: Playtime and Socialisation

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After settling in, it’s time for play. Structured group play sessions allow dogs to interact and make friends in a safe, supervised environment. Our staff provides personal attention for dogs that prefer one-on-one interaction, engaging them in activities that suit their preferences and energy levels.


Lunchtime and Rest

At Wagtails, we adhere to each dog’s specific dietary requirements, ensuring every dog gets the right nutrition. Post-lunch, it’s time for a quiet rest period. This downtime is essential for your dog’s health, allowing it to relax and recharge for afternoon activities.


Afternoon Activities: Training and Enrichment

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Our afternoon schedule includes training sessions focused on basic commands and behavioural etiquette, enhancing your dog’s manners and social skills. Dog enrichment activities vary daily and are designed to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated. These activities ensure that your dog’s time at our Chelmsford doggy daycare is not only fun but also beneficial to its overall development.


Late Afternoon: Winding Down

As the day progresses, activities shift to more calming interactions to help dogs wind down. This prepares them for a peaceful transition back home. Our staff spends time cuddling and calming each dog, making sure they are relaxed and happy.


Going Home: Reunions at Day’s End

The day at our Chelmsford doggy day care ends as joyfully as it began, with excited dogs greeting their owners during pick-up. Our staff provides a brief on your dog’s day, highlighting exceptional achievements and any funny moments. This communication ensures you are kept in the loop about your dog’s day care experience.



Spending a day at Wagtails’ Chelmsford doggy day care provides numerous benefits for both dogs and owners. From socialisation and training to enjoying a day filled with fun and loving care, our doggy day care ensures your dog is happy, active, and well-cared-for. This peace of mind is invaluable for owners looking for a safe and enriching place for their dogs during busy days.


Join Our Wagtails Family

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Frequently Asked Questions

A typical day at Wagtails’ Chelmsford doggy day care is packed with a variety of activities. It begins with a warm welcome and settling in, followed by structured playtime and socialisation mid-morning. After a nutritious lunch, dogs have a quiet rest period, then engage in afternoon training sessions and enrichment activities designed to stimulate their mental and physical health. The day winds down with calming interactions, preparing them for a smooth transition back home.

Safety and comfort are paramount at Wagtails’ Chelmsford doggy day care. Each dog is greeted individually upon arrival to help them settle in comfortably. The day care environment is secure and supervised, ensuring all interactions and play are safe. Additionally, staff members are trained to provide personalised attention and care to meet the individual needs of each dog.

Wagtails’ Chelmsford doggy day care offers training sessions focused on basic commands and behavioural etiquette to enhance social skills. Enrichment activities vary daily and are tailored to keep dogs mentally and physically engaged, ensuring their time at the day care is not only enjoyable but also contributes positively to their overall development.

At Wagtails, each dog’s dietary requirements are meticulously adhered to, ensuring they receive the right nutrition tailored to their specific needs. A designated quiet rest period post-lunch allows dogs to relax and recharge, which is essential for their health and well-being throughout a busy day of activities.

Wagtails’ Chelmsford doggy day care maintains open lines of communication with dog owners. At the end of each day, staff provide a brief on your dog’s activities, achievements, and any notable moments. This ensures owners are well-informed about their dog’s day care experience, reinforcing the trust and transparency that Wagtails is known for.

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A Day in the Life at a Chelmsford Doggy Day Care: What Does Your Dog Do All Day?

Ever wondered what your dog does when you drop them off at a Chelmsford doggy day care? At Wagtails Doggy Day Care, we ensure every day is filled with...

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