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Luke, Director


At Wagtails, we’re taking the lead and setting standards for doggy day care in Essex. We’re driven by compassion and professionalism and we’re incredibly ambitious about building a team of dog experts and the best facilities around.

We want everybody involved with Wagtails to flourish. Dogs are at the heart of everything we do, but it’s our human colleagues and clients that make us successful. We have three very clear objectives:

1. Happy and Fulfilled Team

We improve the lives of the people we employ

2. Happy and Fulfilled Dogs

We improve the lives of the dogs we look after

3. Happy and Fulfilled Clients

We improve the lives of our clients and their families



BSc (Hons.) Canine TherapyDay Care Manager & Dog Trainer

My love of dogs started at an early age when my family introduced me to dog sports with their beautiful Border Collies. I was lucky enough to be able to compete and win at Crufts for five years in a row, competing in agility, flyball and heelwork to music trials with three generations of dogs, as well as a special obedience class put on for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

From there, I took my Agility Judges’ course and became a Kennel Club recognised agility judge. This gave me the opportunity to judge at some amazing worldwide events such as the Kennel Club’s International Agility Festival. I captained an amateur team of amazing flyball dogs at my local club and started to teach agility there too.

I knew I wanted to turn my passion for dogs into a career, so I set off to University and studied Canine Therapy (a degree course designed to cover ‘all things dog’, with a physical therapy and rehabilitation focus). Along with my honours degree, I also gained a Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy, the ability to perform manual therapies and a Canine First Aid certificate.

After University, I took courses at the IMDT and started my own dog training business where I helped with behavioural issues and taught lots of different breeds of dog (and their owners) new things. I was then offered the opportunity to do hydrotherapy, where I met a range of lovely dogs who had orthopaedic issues and surgeries.

Now, I am connecting back with my roots in dog behaviour at Wagtails, where I design and deliver tailored enrichment programmes. I have obtained my Level 3 Ofqual Canine Day Care and Boarding qualification and embrace the culture at Wagtails for continuous improvement.


IMDT Accredited (Distinction)Dog Trainer

I have always been very passionate about my love for dogs. During lockdown in 2020 I began volunteering at a doggy day care to see if I wanted to make a full time career change. During this time it became very clear that this was how I wanted to continue my working life, so I started working towards my Level 3 Qualification in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare. 

In May 2021 I decided to take the leap and left my hairdressing career behind me to start a new career amongst the dogs I had grown to love. 

When I brought my puppy, Duggie, home I found that I really enjoyed training him and also the dogs I was with every day, so I enrolled in my studies for dog training with the IMDT and have since completed a number of courses. More recently I have become a member of the IMDT after passing my training exams with a distinction, and also gaining my Level 3 ‘Principles of dog training and behaviour’ qualification with the OCN.

I joined Wagtails in January 2023 after my search for a day care that shared the same values and ethos that I have for training and working with dogs. 

I love spending my days with the dogs and I particularly enjoy providing fun themed events for them such as pool parties, Easter egg hunts, Halloween week, and Christmas Parties.



THE RASCALGorgeous Nell is a Working Cocker Spaniel who loves to get into mischief. She loves following her nose in our Sensory Zone and swimming round in circles in our Hydro Pool.


THE SCATTERBRAINTiggy is a female Border Collie mix with a beautiful soul. She also has a cheeky side and loves nothing more than winding up her brother, Ted.


THE BOSSTeddrick McGhee is a male cross-breed with a big personality. He can usually be found prefecting all those around him and secretly loves a quiet cuddle.


THE LIVEWIREBo is a Golden Retriever with a huge heart, getting on well with all the dogs at Day Care. She is a bundle of energy and can often be found sprinting around the site at 100 mph.


THE ATHLETEJinxx is a stunning agility dog and is working on her tricks and obedience at home. Jinxx is a nervous girl who enjoys home comforts with her best mate Toby.


THE TRICKSTERToby loves people and is the cuddliest dog you’ll ever meet. He has achieved an Advanced Trick Geek title, meaning he can perform over 70 behaviours. on cue


We are passionate about creating meaningful careers in the Great Outdoors! We trust and empower our staff, enabling them to grow professionally and personally within a supportive environment.

If you have relevant experience and qualifications in or around doggy day care and are enthusiastic about providing the highest standards of care using gentle handling techniques, we would love to hear from you! Send us your CV and cover letter using the button below.


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